What should I do One Thing or Two: Asher’s Distracted Lesson

From Playtime to Lesson Time

Step into the vibrant and enchanting world of Asher, a young boy pulsating with energy and curiosity, in Mark M. Bello’s delightful and educational book, “What Should I Do? One Thing or Two? Asher’s Distracted Lesson.” This beautifully illustrated and poetically narrated story captivates young readers and teaches a crucial life lesson about the importance of focus and the dangers of distraction.

Asher is a boy with a million things on his to-do list, always torn between savoring delicious cookies, building block towers, doing his homework, or playing. His days are filled with excitement and confusion, as he tries to juggle multiple activities at once. However, a family trip to the park takes a dramatic turn when Asher’s car is bumped by a distracted driver. This incident becomes a pivotal moment, teaching Asher—and the readers—an invaluable lesson: multitasking can lead to trouble, and focusing on one task at a time not only makes the activity more enjoyable but also helps avoid mistakes.

Mark M. Bello masterfully blends fun with education in this rhythmic and engaging story. The catchy rhymes and vivid illustrations draw readers in, while the relatable narrative conveys an important message about concentration and safety. Bello’s storytelling highlights the magic of focusing on one activity at a time, a simple habit that can lead to safety and success.

The book also addresses the significance of giving full attention to critical activities, like driving, to prevent accidents. This aspect of the story is particularly impactful, as it fosters awareness and encourages safe behavior among young readers.

“What Should I Do? One Thing or Two? Asher’s Distracted Lesson” is not just a story; it’s an enriching journey that resonates with both children and their families. The synergy between the narrative and illustrations creates an engaging and memorable experience, empowering children to make safer and more mindful choices in their daily lives.

This book is a must-have for every school library. Its compelling narrative and educational value make it a beacon of impactful storytelling that inspires and educates. Mark M. Bello has crafted a story that is bound to leave a lasting impression, making it an essential read for young minds. 5 Stars!