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Hello! I’m author Anne Severn Williamson. So nice to meet you!

I write Fantasy and Sci-Fi for Family Entertainment. I also write Historical Fantasy for Middle Grade / YA and Adults.

THE FAIRY LORE OF GHOST HORSE HOLLOW is based on my love for the forests of Appalachia where I grew up. Ghost Horse Hollow is a Natural World Fantasy with strong elements of reality, because the blue-eyed Ghost Horses ARE REAL! My family cares for these rare equines near the border of the Daniel Boone National Forest in eastern Kentucky.

If you enjoy epic book series like the Lord of the Rings or the Chronicles of Narnia, then I think you will deeply appreciate the enchanting world of The Fairy Lore of Ghost Horse Hollow. The adventures unfold in the Appalachian Mountains one hundred years in the future. It is a post-Apocalyptic saga with fairies of all sorts, Indigenous American characters, animals who speak and communicate telepathically, and the resourceful MacKennon homesteaders who live on a magical farm. The Fairy Lore of Ghost Horse Hollow is a planned nine-part book series, complete with registered Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse and Mountain Pleasure Horses which are now listed as Endangered. Readers will have a chance to meet these amazing, real equines in every book.

My other series on Amazon and Kindle is THE GREENWOOD TALES. Think Harry Potter meets Robin Hood with a cast of hysterical friends and clever foes. The first book is YOUNG ROBIN & THE BOX OF BONES. I have a great love for conservation, and the tales of Sherwood Forest are dedicated to the preservation of worldwide woodland sanctuaries for the sake of all generations. THE GREENWOOD TALES will also include two other novels with the same lovable YA hero from Medieval England. The trilogy is a fresh take on Robin Hood with a Druid warrior as the boy’s mentor and Druid perspectives throughout the lighthearted adventures. If you enjoyed MERLIN on British television, I think you will love YOUNG ROBIN & THE BOX OF BONES. The adventures, by the way, would make a fabulous TV show!

I have also finished the second novel in THE FAIRY LORE OF GHOST HORSE HOLLOW series. THE SNOW FEAST launched in paperback in December of 2020. I am currently working on THE RABBIT RUN, Book 3.

If you enjoy podcasts, join me on with MY FAMILY BOOK NOOK. The podcast features the ongoing adventures of the MacKennon homesteaders of Ghost Horse Hollow, as well as myths, legends, and folk tales from around the globe. My goal is to foster cultural awareness, conservation, and literacy. I have always loved fairytales and epic stories, spending much of my childhood in the fairy tale section of libraries. The tales on the podcast are designed to supplement and enhance both private and public education as well as homeschooling.

I love watercolor painting, pen and ink drawing, and illustrating children’s books.

My BA in Program in the Arts was from Barnard College/Columbia University with a concentration in Visual Arts. I apprenticed at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC, Mei Crain Design Associates, Earthworks and Artisans, and the Literary Department of Circle Repertory Theater.

Join me on my Facebook Group Page: ART with ANNE, A Classroom for Art History, Creative Writing, and Visual Arts Technique. This is a free, family friendly forum to explore and develop your creative genius. The Group Page hosts SATURDAY ART MARKET for online art vendors to showcase their wares for free.

Be sure to connect with me online!

I am grateful to stay in touch with all my fans, listeners, and readers!

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My husband Jack Williamson is a self-taught gemstone sculptor. Our Etsy store features his gorgeous fantasy jewelry and fine intaglio pendants, so be sure to check us out if you need a special gift. The jewelry is linked to the fantasy world of Ghost Horse Hollow.

A retrospective video of Jack’s fine intaglio work is included on this Author Page.

I am a devoted writer who believes in uplifting people, young and old. I have a background in working with children, adults, and teens in both the performing and visual arts. I have also worked to support environmental education in impoverished neighborhoods, rural and urban, in New York City, Georgia, Tennessee, Colorado, and Kentucky. My goal has always been to enhance and enrich both public and private education through the arts.

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With Kindness for All,

Anne Severn Williamson

Kentucky Author/Illustrator

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