D.M. Buckley- Author of the Month

When I was a kid I had lots of imaginary friends and we went on all kinds of crazy adventures. Sometimes I would confuse my playmates with my imaginary friends, causing the fabrication of visiting cousins from far far away, Never-Never-Land. This would result in interesting conversations at neighborhood gatherings during which my father would let loose with his boisterous laugh and then proceed to embellish these tales while my mother took on a horrified expression and my sister simply rolled her eyes.

Drawing from some of these childhood exploits, I began to write stories, but with a child to raise, bills to pay and business partners to satisfy, my writing was shoved to the back burner. Once life began to resemble something close to normal, I picked up my pen again–so to speak–and created Lexi O’Malley, finding writing a fun escape. Lexi’s escapades are a bit more grown up and loaded with adventure, mystery, light romance and lots of humor.

D. M. (Donna Marie) Buckley was born and raised, and still lives in Tampa Florida with her husband, where she is currently hard at work on The Fifth Wheel, the next Lexi O’Malley adventure.

Buy her Books at: Amazon.com OR Amazon.co.uk

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