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Frank grew up in Edmonton, Alberta, and currently lives in Chilliwack, BC. His day job was a licensed automotive technician and shop owner, now he’s semi-retired. But his heart and soul is writing.

His tagline is Canada’s Foremost Off-beat Author and writes in urban fantasy, science fiction, crime, spiritual, romance, erotica and comedy genres. Well, anything that comes to him, basically!

When asked about his writing style, he usually responds with “a mix Dan Millman (Way of The Peaceful Warrior), Charles De Lint (Moonheart) and a scattering of Tom Robbins (Even Cowgirls Get The Blues)”.

He’s better looking than Stephen King (Carrie, The Stand, It) and his romance novels will have you gasping quicker than Robert James Waller (Bridges Of Madison County).

He has been called a natural storyteller, whose compelling thoughts are freed from the depths of the heart and the subconscious before being poured onto the page.

Literature written beyond the realms of genre, he is known to grab readers kicking, screaming, laughing or crying and drag them into his novels.

As he often says, you don’t have to be mad to be a writer, but it sure helps and advises beginners to “just write like your soul is on fire and the pencil is your voice screaming”.

In the last month of 2021 he had three short stories accepted in publications, another story voted number one by the readers in a 300 entry anothology. And his novel, The Joining, out of two hundred entries in the Canadian Book Club awards made it into the top three finalists.

To date he has over fifty articles/short stories, sixty blog posts, over ten interviews and fifteen novels written or published.

He is also working on a script and movie project and plans to get his works into films at some point.

With a knack of bringing the BC west coast to life he was born on the wild Canadian prairies but immigrated to the cedar forests of coastal BC. Mated to a mad English woman, from gypsy ancestry, him not the wife. In the early hours of morning, when only cats stir and raccoons fear to tread he is writing, creating or making coffee. Stranger ways exist in the backwoods of Borneo, Australia or the American Bayou. But not here in the country of Bigfoot, Timmy’s and hockey.

Or as he also often says; you don’t have to be mad to be a writer. But it helps. A lot.

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