H.L. Ayres – Author Of The Month

My Name is H.L. Ayres, survivor, student therapist and most importantly of all, mother to two amazing humans. I enjoy nothing more than donning my hiking boots and exploring the wonders of our beautiful country, even climbing my very first mountain recently! I decided to write my memoir for several reasons. I wanted to make some sense of my life after having somewhat of a traumatic time over the years. During my studies, I embarked on a wonderful yet emotional journey of self-discovery, leading to my writing the memoir. I also wanted to share my experiences in the hope they may offer some support to anyone going through a tough time or be able to relate to some of the things I have spoken about. Life is not always easy, but by being so open and honest, I may have just touched one person, give that one person some warmth, love and support. That is my main wish for this memoir.

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