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As a co-founder of a healthcare start-up, Covid was a difficult time, a time of tremendous economic uncertainty. When business slowed, however, I had an opportunity to explore, read and research topics I have been interested in but had not really had the time to investigate.

Before I knew it, I began to see the formation of this story unfolding before me. Each item I researched gave me fresh ideas and new angles to explore. The dramatic events and emotional upheaval during the book’s timeline were a challenge to comprehend. In the end I found myself humbled, inspired, awed, and grateful. I have been blessed with the support and encouragement of friends and family to turn my research into this novel. I hope you enjoy it.

Press Coverage:

Literary Titan – 5 Stars

The Road to Moresco, presents a sweeping narrative that spans over 150 years…the novel’s strength lies in its complex and dynamic characters [and] evocative [prose], painting each scene with such vivid imagery that readers feel transported into the heart of the story, experiencing its highs and lows alongside the characters. …a commendable addition to the genre. 5 stars.

Published 12/8 See Literary Titan website

OperaWire published an an interview regarding the book release

Feathered Quill review:

Mark Jamilkowski’s debut novel, The Road to Moresco, is a fascinating tale. The complexities and layers … are difficult to capture in [a short review]… however, I commend Jamilkowski for the fantastic …attention to detail …in this rich body of work. The Road To Moresco doesn’t disappoint throughout [including] …wonderful nuggets of history that are woven into [this] intriguing story.

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