Patrick M. Garry- Author of The Month

Patrick Garry is a law professor at the University of South Dakota and the second of Michael and Elizabeth’s eight children. He has published thirteen nonfiction books and eight novels, which have received more than five dozen book awards, but The Power of Gratitude might be the only book he was really called to write.

“I have published more than twenty books and hundreds of articles. But not one of those books and articles inspired the kind of devotion I felt toward The Power of Gratitude. In a way, this book encapsulates a lifetime of writing. It is the book I believe I was called to write.

What is my book about?
The Power of Gratitude reflects on the experiences of Michael and Elizabeth Garry, who became an inspiration in their community, to reveal the secret to a life filled with the virtues we often consider unattainable. Michael and Elizabeth demonstrated how true gratitude might be foundational to everything else. Gratitude is not just a thank you for a specific benefit, it’s a way of life. Based on their lives, a self-improvement conference could be condensed to one sentence: if you nurture an enduring gratitude—and not just a thankfulness for particular events—then you may find a deep joy.

The Power of Gratitude also reflects on the divisiveness of contemporary society. In ungrateful times, there can be no social peace. Rivalries fueled by resentments replace the unity and generosity that flow from a culture of gratitude.”

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