A Case Of Black Rock and other stories

An exemplary collection of short stories.

Sprinkled with specific details, factual tone and varying in formats and lengths, author Simon Marshland’s ‘A Case of Black Rock and other stories’ is a collection of tales anchored on the framework of crime, romance, drama and fiction.

Reading like the many distillations of life, some poignant, some evocative and others insightful, each narrative overflows with imaginative conceits. Almost all the stories are told in the first person and dives deeper into the characters and their situations that is not weight down by the stereotypical types.

Delivering an intricate tapestry of narratives, the first read of the book ‘A Case of Black Rock Mineral Water’ did elicit giggles for me, whereas ‘One of Those Days’ was tense and dramatic with a twist least anticipated. Masterfully narrated with ambiguous and action oriented plot, authors capacity to cover 15 exemplary tales in a fairly short piece is remarkable and impressive that is bound to engage even the most reluctant readers who are sure to cherish this strikingly imagined and neatly wrapped compilation in one sitting. This is definitely a 5 star read.

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