MISSING, Past and Present: Is life just a roll of a dice?

Soul stirring exploration of life’s unpredictable journey.

A literary gem that flawlessly combines beauty, complexity and profound depth of life, Diana Jackson’s ‘Missing Past and Present’ is narrated through the lens of Dorothy Gibbons, a seasoned librarian.

The novel takes its readers on an intriguing journey through Dorothy’s failed fertility tests and fostering career. Dorothy and husband Gerald decide to move on with their life and foster numerous children, making some amazing memories, but teenage refugee boys from Syria- Jamal and Ahmed hold a special place in Dorothy’s life chapters. Nearly after two years when boys move into their own flat with steady employment, the couple decides to take a break from their routine and embark on a trip to New York. The story takes a harrowing turn upon their return with husband Gerald’s mysterious disappearance at Heathrow Airport. The out-of-character behavior of Gerald during the New York trip serves as a contrast to the heartbreaking revelation in the letter received by Dorothy days after Gerald goes missing.

‘Missing Past and Present’ is not merely a tale filled with mysteries; its an exploration of human condition, resilience and the unpredictable nature of life. Coupled with well crafted characters, the book transforms into an impactful page-turner, showcasing the vibrant personalities, eliciting a profound emotional response from readers and leaving a lasting impact on those who venture into its pages. A soul-stirring exploration of life’s unpredictable journey, ‘Missing Past and Present’ by Diana Jackson is a definite 5-star recommendation.