Max Crypto Revenge (Max’s Revenge Technothriller Series Book 3)

An enticing thriller with amplified, mind-boggling twists

‘Max Crypto Revenge,’ the third installment in Anthony Silman’s technothriller series, is a testament to the author’s commendable storytelling finesse. Silman skillfully navigates beyond the immediate plot, delving into the intricate back story of each character with meticulous attention to detail. This narrative depth adds a layer of praiseworthy complexity to the overall story.

Smart estate agent, Roger Astell navigates the tempting waters of crypto offers, demonstrating a wise avoidance of risks that could lead to legal trouble. However, a persuasive collaboration with a businessman’s son Zhu Zimo aka ZZ, thrusts him into providing a base to so-called legitimate services for Hong Kong and Chinese companies entering the UK market. This partnership becomes a pivotal moment in unravelling suspicious influx of online activities hinting at Chinese money laundering fraud. This ensuing development reignites the action, propelling Max, Duggie, Jo and Dan into an engaging and bullet-dodging ride.

Author Anthony Silman’s ability to immerse readers in the intricate lives of the characters is enticing, rendering ‘Max Crypto Revenge’ a compelling read. The adventurous roller-coaster ride of Max and his friends within the fraudulent criminal world offers a spellbinding glimpse into their previous escapades, injecting excitement for those familiar with the series. Notably, the book stands confidently as a standalone read enriched by its new shady characters and twisty thrills. Author Silman’s plot narration elevates the series to a level that is sure to be appreciated by both new comers and dedicated fans. This enticing 5-star techno-thriller, amplified with mind-boggling twists, is highly recommended to those seeking suspenseful narratives and well developed characters with depth.