My Aces and Me

A non-fictitious debut with gloomy realities.

Author H.L. Ayres’ ‘My Aces and Me’ is a riveting factual retelling of spine-tingling memories that gives her readers an engaging yet brutally honest insight into her agonizing upbringing, as she recounts a painful childhood, an insecure adolescence and an abusive adulthood all characterized by the repeated incidents of cruelty at the hands of her unsparing, cold-hearted father who was suppose to protect her but did otherwise.

Author spares the readers no gritty detail as she graphically describes and retracts events and incidents that were disturbing, gloomy realities based on chapters that are dense with information, all drawn from personal experiences. As life becomes poignant after the death of her caring, ever present mother, it was heartbreaking to witness author suffer as a young child severely at the hands of her ruthless father. It is definitely commendable how she breaks the cycles of traumatizing damages imprinted on her soul & mind and comes out as a fighter who stands as a protective shield for her own children.

‘My Aces and Me’ by H.L. Ayres is a thoughtfully written valuable memoir with its highs and lows that offers its readers heartfelt, empathetic chapters without preaching the choir that is sure to appeal those who appreciate the survivors of dysfunctional relationships. A definite recommendation to avid readers for its deep, powerful- exposing content that is compelling and awe-inspiring. 5 stars!