Candie Is Not Always Sweet (Jasper, Street-Fighter, and Me Book 1)

Breath-taking crime thriller in the detective series.

‘Candie Is Not Always Sweet’ is definitely a tempting, appealing title in the detective series of Jasper, Street Fighter and Me. by author Richard Nurse which instantly draws its readers and glues them to this mystery thriller from the very first page where we learn that our protagonist Maggie ( a retired marine and presently working as a detective), lives with her Border Collie ‘Jasper’ who are very welcoming to a street tom cat as a new member in the family naming him as ‘Street Fighter’.
Maggie’s relation with Jasper and Street Fighter are put to test when life threatening challenges from past grip Maggie’s life and soon this bond strengthens for good when she is hired by Candie Strong for someone stalking her.
Author Richard Nurse very smartly leaves much more to this ‘Candie’ episode to be discovered and solved for Maggie, Jasper and Street Fighter along with his readers in his fast paced, action packed novel full of entertaining twists and turns, keeping our curiosity level to the top.
‘Candie Is Not Always Sweet’ is bound to make its readers look for more in this detective series. I would love to recommend this interesting novel to all and esp. to those looking for a quick read in the genre of mystery, crime thriller for an amazing vacation read.