The Consequence of Stars: A Memoir of Home

A profound read that is a definite charmer

‘The Consequences of Stars: A Memoir of Home’ is a deeply moving, candid capturing of a past life-time, that is vivid, reflective and memorable. Flipping through anecdotes that are engaging, heartfelt, humorous and nostalgic, Author David W. Berner unfolds several events through series of lean chapters, by revisiting his parents enduring love story, to their complexities, their marriage to one another in Pennsylvania and their family living in a friendly peaceful neighborhood in Pittsburgh narrating Authors growing up days which are relatable and bound to bring back memories of the by gone times, when our kiddish mischiefs and naughtiness were unapologetic and considered usual.

Readers will definitely enjoy flavors of life as the author recounts and reveals his remembrance of the many soul searching and career ascending steps that led to cross-country trips with family and for his family. Berner’s recollections encapsulate both personal and universal experiences, inviting readers to immerse themselves in his world. ‘The Consequences of Stars: A Memoir of Home’ is a charming page turner, and a symphony of experiences that is sure to resonate with the hearts of the genre lovers and whose essence is bound to linger for quite sometime, even after the last page has been turned. A definite masterpiece deserving of a 5-star acclaim.