DOGGONE (Lexi O’Malley Series Book 1)

A compelling start to a potential thriller.

‘Doggone (Lexi O’Malley Series Book 1)’ by Author D.M. Buckley is a captivating thriller that seamlessly combines elements of mystery, humor and personal growth and takes its readers on a roller coaster of events. Protagonist Lexi O’Malley’s life takes an unexpected turn when she is coerced by her aunt Scarlet into locating her missing black Lab named ‘Bubba’. This starts a whirlwind of events making Lexi stumble into the role of an unlikely Dog detective.

Author D.M. Buckley’s storytelling prowess shines through and truly stands out as Lexi’s narrative unfolds her transformation from an unemployed software programmer to an amateur sleuth and her revelation about her aunts handyman and cop Valentini having her back while Lexi gets into grime situations as she helps her friend Nick Romano (a private investigator), adds layers of intrigue, depicted with skill and realism.

‘Doggone’ is a compelling read with improbable premise, witty dialogues and relatable characters that is sure to immerse its readers imagination and curiosity in series of chaotic and dangerous situations filled with mysterious adventures. Masterfully building a sense of excitement with adept finesse and highlighting the unpredictability of life’s twists, Author Buckley crafts a trail of anticipation among its readers, priming them for the forthcoming books in the series. Bound to keep you engaged from start to finish, this character driven thriller is highly recommended. 5 stars!