The Falconer’s Apprentice

A Soaring Tale of Bravery and Bonding

Through the subtle nuances and delicate art of falconry, ‘The Falconer’s Apprentice’ is a meticulously crafted narrative set against the mesmerizing backdrop of 13th-century Rome. Andreas, a 14-year-old orphan apprenticed as a falconer at the Castle of Kragenberg, faces a heart-wrenching dilemma when his cherished peregrine, Adela, is condemned to a cruel fate by Count Cuno’s son after an accident, leaving Andreas shaken to his core. Unable to witness this destruction and driven by compassion and courage, Andreas defies the royal orders by stealing Adela and embarks on a journey of defiance, resilience, and self-discovery as he escapes with a trader, Richard of Brugge. Their travels across Europe are filled with encounters that reveal the kindness and camaraderie of the people they meet, the legacy of the Roman Empire, and the marvel of falconry during the era, as well as the bonds of friendship forged in adversity.

Author Von Hassell’s storytelling is immersive, with impeccable attention to historical details, vividly bringing to life the intricacies of falconry, medieval society, and the tumultuous events of the era, offering a glimpse into a world where courage and compassion reign supreme. The characters of the novel are masterfully crafted, and their relationships form the beating heart of the story as they undergo a journey of growth and transformation, facing the challenges of their time. Through the annals of time, a seamless blend of history and adventure, and the coming-of-age theme, author Von Hassell’s ‘The Falconer’s Apprentice’ is a novel with purity akin to a gentle breeze. It’s a timeless odyssey, transcending age barriers, deserving the highest acclaim with a resounding 5-star rating. Highly recommended!!