Soularisen: Zero Codex | Manifest Exigence 

Stellar start to a gripping futuristic saga

“Soularisen: Zero Codex- Manifest Exigence” is a captivating journey into an expansive multi-realm universe crafted by author Briel Ichiro-Eden. This sci-fi novel introduces readers to a rich tapestry of civilization across the galaxies, filled with secrets, surprises, and unpredictable revelations.

Under the vigilant protection of the celestial guardian known as “The Paramount,” descendants saved from Earth’s doomed past thrive in the Zelshunn galaxy on the planet Ambros. However, the inhabitants of Ambros discover hints about a mysterious force that has been absent from their galaxy for some time. The story follows Teshron Seraph, a celestial voyager whose journey takes a surprising turn when he lands on a mysterious planet in an unknown part of the universe. As Teshron navigates challenges and opposition, he is touched by the kindness of a family who saves his life, leading him to vow to help find their missing eldest son, Ashnavah. Alongside Teshron, characters like the vengeful Naissora and cunning antagonist Koradel are skillfully developed, driving the narrative forward with their individual quests.

What sets this novel apart is author Ichiro’s innovative use of QR codes at the beginning, which adds a unique immersive layer to the storytelling. This enhances the mood and transports readers even further into the crafted universe, making for an engaging and interactive reading experience.

Ichiro’s world-building is extraordinary, offering a rich tapestry of civilizations that feel eerily plausible. The author’s ability to weave these diverse stories into a cohesive and thrilling tale is commendable. “Soularisen: Zero Codex- Manifest Exigence” is undoubtedly a thrilling entry point into a multi-realm universe that promises to captivate and entertain readers until the very end. A must-read for sci-fi enthusiasts looking for a fresh and immersive experience, this gripping futuristic saga earns a well-deserved 5 star rating!