The Home Front

Where courage shines amidst darkness

Not merely a tale of one man’s fight against adversity, ‘The Home Front’ by author David Wickenden is an action-packed thriller laden with heartfelt reminders of boundless potential and strength of human capabilities that lies within us all when tested by time.

Once a symbol of bravery on the battlefield, 95-year-old Donald Wilson is now grappling with the daunting reality of terminal pancreatic cancer. However, when neo-Nazis bomb synagogues in his hometown, stirring up painful memories of loss and traumas from world war II, Donald’s dormant courage is reignited, propelling him into action once more. Confronting his own mortality and battling the demons of the present, Donald decides to support Antifa’s cause against hate ideology and racism.

Author David Wickenden expertly captures the essence of Donald’s inner turmoil and newfound resolve through vivid storytelling and heart-pounding action in ‘The Home Front.’ The juxtaposition of Donald’s wartime experiences with his present-day struggles, delivers a powerful message and the unwavering determination of human spirit despite the complexities that come with old age. Donald stands strong against hatred and violence, showcasing resilience that is truly inspiring.

With its fast-paced plot and rich character development, ‘The Home Front’ by author David Wickenden draws readers into a world where the line between heroism and vulnerability blurs, inviting them on an unforgettable journey where courage shines brightly amidst darkness. This gripping tale is sure to leave a lasting impression, earning it a well-deserved 5-star rating!