Never Among Equals: A WWI Novel

Strikingly Imagined Historical Drama

‘Never Among Equals: A WWI Novel’ by author Fazle Chowdhury presents an absorbing chronicle that seamlessly blends the grandeur of epic storytelling with intimate personal drama of one man’s journey through identity and war.

Set against the backdrop of the global turmoil of World War I, Chowdhury delivers a compelling narrative through the perspective of Firoze Hazari, a young Oxford-educated Indian. Despite familial expectations to engage in the family business in India, Hazari chooses to forge his own path by embracing new ideas and concepts in London, striving to leave a personal imprint. This endeavor to honor this decision unfolds amidst a society rife with discrimination, betrayal and hardships, as he navigates through tumultuous destinies, from his initial job in a reputable financial sector to an unexpected entanglement in war. Hazari’s journey serves as a profound portrayal of human experiences, capturing the complexities of life’s unexpected turns through turmoil and uncertainty.

In an enchanting display of literary craftmanship, the author’s prose and language are adorned with exquisite elegance, gently guiding readers into characters’ circumstances, painting a vivid picture with striking clarity and expressive depth. As Hazari grapples with the fallout of war and weight of his own past, readers are drawn into a web of intrigue and suspense that compels them to keep turning the pages until the very end. ‘Never Among Equals’ by Fazle Chowdhury is not just a historical fiction but a profound meditation on the resilience of human spirit and the enduring quest for self-discovery. A perfect 5-star masterpiece!