A Habit of Mind (Douglas Hunter Series)

A tantalizing mix of suspense and clever storytelling

Applauding the mastery of Douglas Hunter series, ‘A Habit of Mind’ is an enthralling standalone sequel to author Roderick Hart’s ‘Interleaved Lives’.

‘A Habit of Mind’ takes readers through the tumultuous journey of Douglas Hunter, once a police detective who now makes a triumphant comeback, this time at the helm of his private detective agency- Hunter Associates. Douglas faces a flurry of diverse cases, ranging from addressing Mr. Chens persistent legal issues as a landlord seeking justice against tenant Charles Vellacot, to handling image infringement claims from Dan Drysdale against a film producer, to a third client – a bank manager Anna leeuwan who expresses suspicion of being stalked, and to a fourth client- Sylvia Gathercole who has tasked Hunter Associates with unravelling the authenticity behind Douglas Hunter’s colleague David’s new service- ‘A Parallel Life’.

In the midst of a bustling workload and a stack of unresolved cases, Douglas finds himself in a challenging predicament. With his business partner Alison away and his colleague David confined to his flat, Douglas is left to tackle the mounting work on his own. The last thing he needs is the addition of his early retired ex-boss, Sergeant Maureen MacNeil to Hunter Associates.

Author Hart’s occasionally fun and witty satirical narration adds a delightful layer to the seamless romp. Unsolved mysteries and unexpected alliances make every twist not only compelling but thoroughly enjoyable. Adorned with a tantalizing mix of suspense and smart story telling, this utterly absorbing sequel will leave readers eagerly anticipating the detective’s next move. ‘A Habit of Mind’ is a thriller that excels in every aspect, unequivocally earning a perfect five-star score. Highly recommended.