Emily’s Darkness (The Circle Of Roses Book 5)

Goosebumps Inducing Supernatural Thriller

A work of unbridled suspense, smartly rendered with complicated mystery, ‘Emily’s Darkness’ by Martha Wickham is a gripping standalone addition in the Circle of Roses Series. Living in a quite town of Willowbrook with her mother and grandmother, Emily Bernhart is a young talented 10-year-old whose life takes an expected turn when her gift of being a medium to the dead is awakened one fateful night through her passion for singing.

Emily navigates the spirit realm, learning to communicate with the dead under the guidance of her wise and nurturing grandmother. On her 16th birthday, grandma decides to expand Emily’s abilities by introducing a guiding mentor to Emily’s life. At the age of 18 Emily decides to leave behind her hometown and venture into the city of Chicago to make a living with her extraordinary gift. Attracting a myriad of clients, little does Emily know that her decision will set the course for a bone-chilling journey when Ryan Blake, a client harboring dark secrets unleashes an eerie presence of a spirit ‘Jingle Ghost,’ who refuses to let go of Emily.

Delving deeper into the web of mysteries surrounded by her clients, Emily’s own safety and sanity are pushed to the edge, questioning whether ‘Jingle Ghost’ is a ghost of Ryan Blake from future or a ghost does carrying a warning for those on the brink of an inevitable fate? Frustrated with the spectral chaos, Emily seeks solace in the countryside with mentor Grace.

Incorporating the genre of paranormal with a mysterious entity whose true nature and motivation are puzzling, author Martha Wickham’s ‘Emily’s Darkness’ (Circle of Roses Book 5) is a goosebumps-inducing exploration of delicate balance between the supernatural and the human spirit. The quick-moving plot with original and unique supernatural elements creatively introduced are bound to hold the attention of the fans of the genre and the readers of author’s previous book in the series. Unveil the supernatural secrets with this 5-star teen thriller!