Afterlife: Cool Assassins 3

A pulse pounding Sci-Fi escapade, fueled by excitement!

Quantaman’s ‘Afterlife: Cool Assassin 3’ is a fast paced, heart pounding SF thriller that takes readers on high stake- adventurous ride through a dystopian future. Immersive, in a world teeming with violence and corruption, where justice is elusive and dangers lurks around every corner, Quantaman’s novel boasts a richly imagined plot that will take its readers on a global journey from Los Angeles to Ecuador, with a thrilling detour through Tijuana, as strong relatable character like Marija leads the charge with her unwavering commitment to fight for justice along side skilled operatives of Dog breakfast to uncover a sex trafficking ring.

Author Quantaman’s writing is vibrant and descriptive, painting a world that brings action to life. His expert weaving of additional subplot of Raven Rocksong’s recovery and inclusion of cylindrical habitat in orbit around the earth called ‘Soupcan’ are a seamless blend of futuristic elements with familiar setting that add complexity, depth and intrigue to the story, making the readers feel as though they are alongside the characters experiencing the thrill and suspense.

Meticulously crafted, ‘Afterlife: Cool Assassins 3’ is a pulse pounding standalone Sci-Fi escapade, fueled by excitement that will captivate the genre lovers. This exceptional 5 star read comes highly recommended for its awe-inspiring content and unique narrative.