Genre Sci-fi

NastraGull: Pirates 

An original contribution to the Dark Sci-Fi genre Deftly paced and skillfully controlled, the twisty plot of ‘Nastragull: Pirates’ is an artistically constructed saga of grit, action, and survival amidst greed and brutality. ‘Nastragull: Pirates’ kicks off with a turbulent…

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Afterlife: Cool Assassins 3

A pulse pounding Sci-Fi escapade, fueled by excitement! Quantaman’s ‘Afterlife: Cool Assassin 3’ is a fast paced, heart pounding SF thriller that takes readers on high stake- adventurous ride through a dystopian future. Immersive, in a world teeming with violence…

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The Abduction Chronicles

Realistic yet episodic. ‘The Abduction Chronicles’ is an out of the world adventurous scifi with superbly proactive plot-intrusive extraterrestrial beings. Peppered with deftly paced humor, romance and mystery, author Thomas Hay throws in a few of his own occult encounters…

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