Matching Configurations: QUANTUM ROOTS III

An attention grabbing, deftly paced Sci-fi

‘Matching Configurations’, is the third installment in the Quantum Root Series, that is an exhilarating and seamless continuation of the thrilling saga. Author Kyle Keyes demonstrated his skills by seamlessly weaving together multiple plot strands, allowing the story to stay gripping and dynamic throughout. The novel shines a spotlight on the relatable hero- Olan Chapman, who fearlessly stands up for the marginalized and the vulnerable. Chapman takes center stage with conviction, captivating readers with his unwavering determination and compassion.

Author Keyes pays meticulous attention to the details of the plot, ensuring that every element is thoughtfully constructed. One standout addition to the story is the introduction of Calvin Benjamin ‘Cannonball’ Cooper, an expert in canon ball and gunpowder weapons and knife throwing, this fascinating layer brings a new depth to the narrative, interweaving historical events such as the iconic Battle of the Alamo in 1836. What sets this novel apart is Author Keyes ability to cater to both new and returning readers. The skillful rehashing of the past events proves to be a hidden gem for those who may have skipped the first two books in the series, it allows them to effortlessly immerse themselves in the story and understand the intricate connection that unfolds.

The narrative is laced with Authors signature humor, which enlivens and enhances even the most momentous periods of the story. The introduction of entertaining guest characters, such as a terrorist group disguised as artists adds an unexpected twist, keeping readers on the edge of their seats. Also, recurring gags such as Jeremys scoter explanation is bound to tickle some funny bones.

‘Matching configurations’ is undoubtedly a fun-filled continuation of the Quantum Root Series offering readers a perfect blend of action, humor and intrigue. Author Keyes has once again delivered an enthralling and captivating narrative. 5 stars!