Blood Seed

Impeccable read with multidimensional, mysterious entities.

‘Blood Seed’ is a powerful tale of survival, love, struggle and strength with immaculate imagination that is masterfully penned down with rich & exquisite descriptive prose and intricate narrative.
A creepy darkness from Riftwoods has been engulfing Sheft’s freedom to happiness all his life since childhood, forcing him to stay aloof and isolated until Mariat’s love brings with itself the power of self discovery for Sheft and the strength to overcome terrible adversity and difficult upbringing.
Author Veronica Dale is a story teller who possesses natural instincts of a good promising writer and does not let herself lose the basic thread of paranormal fantasy read well intertwined with intriguing romance and charismatic characters that are not just by standers but are actively involved in shaping of the superbly crafted gripping tale of grit and action. Despite the obvious urgency in the pace of the story, author Veronica does an amazing job of describing in great detail the surrounding, characters find themselves well embedded in.
‘Blood Seed’ is an impeccable read with a troubled hero and highly imagined multidimensional mysterious entities that are sure to attract and engage readers on many levels. Highly recommended.