Dawnbreaker: The House of Blood and Sun

An enchanting Paranormal Romance Awaits Devoted Fans!

‘Dawnbreaker-The House of Blood And Sun’ takes readers on an exhilarating journey through a world where Immortals, Fae, Vampires coexist in a mesmerizing tapestry of magic and desire.

With an unwavering determination to protect his family Connor O’Brien’s heart, once hardened by centuries of hatred and fueled by vengeance is drawn into a world of forbidden desire, and softens at the sight and sound of the Sidhe princess- Niamh el Ri’ili, the sole heir to Emerald city. As vampire Connor stumbles with his identity and irresistible allure for princess, their connection sets off a chain of reactions that reveals the depth of courtly intrigue and supernatural forces at play when an old adversary resurfaces, throwing their lives into chaos, heightening the stakes for the characters.

Author Hadley Thorne’s writing is engaging as she paints a vivid imagery, intricately woven with richly textured world-building that captivates the essence of a world where character’s struggles and desires are palpable, making it easy for readers to immerse themselves into its beauty and dangers and empathize with their journey. ‘Dawnbreaker-The House of Blood And Sun’ is an enthralling read showcasing Author Hadley’s talent for blending supernatural elements with insurmountable challenges of love, where fans of paranormal romance and fantasy are sure to find themselves entranced. Evidently a work of art that commands a 5-star recognition!