Harley’s Intergalactic Moveable Restaurant

Transcending way beyond traditional Sci-Fi

Weaving together the threads of suspense, corporate intrigue and the resilience of individuals facing cosmic challenges, ‘Harley’s Intergalactic Moveable Restaurant’ by Martin Beaulieu is an enticing standalone addition to the mindbender trilogy. Offering an intimate and immersive vantage point directly from the hearts and minds of the characters in the novel, the narrative unfurls in the form of journal, adding rich layers of authenticity.

Author Martin Beaulieu takes readers on a gripping intergalactic journey where a mysterious water-like monster threatens the very fabric of the universe. Its rampage draws the attention of the powerful corporate entity, the Federation, responsible for the universal security. Allen, the CEO of the Federation, enlists the expertise of the skilled cartographer John Moonbow to track down the trail of this havoc- wreaking creature that has even challenged the might of the Federation’s nuke-armed fighter ships. The suspense escalates when Ruby (a salesperson) transporting shipment for the Harley faces the monster head-on during a routine delivery mission, almost ending up dead until rescued by Harley Booker.

Amidst the chaos and confusion, the camaraderie between Harley and his eclectic team – Muffin Sam, John Moonbow, Ruby and Rosemary adds layer of intrigue when the monster’s origin and its potential threat questions the vulnerability of their (Harley’s) most cherished establishment.

Transcending way beyond the traditional sci-fi with meticulous detail and a keen sense of suspense, ‘Harley’s Intergalactic Moveable Restaurant’ by author Martin Beaulieu is not just a thrilling adventure but an immersive exploration of courage and mystery through the vastness of the cosmos. Bound to forge a profound connection with readers through the unfolding cosmic drama, ‘Harley’s Intergalactic Moveable Restaurant’ delivers an unforgettable reading experience. The synergy between its unique setting and compelling narrative makes it a compelling 5-star recommendation.”