Golden Throat (The Cable Denning Mystery Series Book 1)

Unique imbrue of genres, worth reading.

Upholding the thrills and chills, ‘Golden Throat: The Cable Denning Mystery Series Book 1’ is an appealing scifi mystery with a twisty plot that is complex and hard to guess.

Within this episodic murder mystery series author James P. Alsphert perfectly captures and narrates a mesmerizing fiction full of delightfully devious characters and protagonist L.A cop Cable Denning who finds himself deeply embedded in unimaginable mystery strands after chancing upon a murdered victim whose throat has been lodged with a golden capsule. Wrapped up in a premise that gets puzzling and enigmatic with every breath, detective Denning ventures through charade any human would least desire to.

Set up in the 1930s L.A with a bit of violence, romance, betrayal and everyday mundane chores, ‘Golden Throat: The Cable Denning Mystery Series Book 1’ gives an intriguing insight and authentic period feel to its readers who are bound to be captivated by authors intelligent storytelling style and lighthearted ebullience despite the rapid pace that is engaging with many extraneous subplots.

A unique embrue of the fictional genre with mystery and romance will definitely delight author James P. Alsphert’s fans and keep them waiting for more upcoming adventures Cable Denning has to share. A 5 star must read!

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