NastraGull: Pirates 

An original contribution to the Dark Sci-Fi genre

Deftly paced and skillfully controlled, the twisty plot of ‘Nastragull: Pirates’ is an artistically constructed saga of grit, action, and survival amidst greed and brutality.

Nastragull: Pirates’ kicks off with a turbulent clash between passengers of the targeted cruise liner, the ‘Bright Star,’ and ruthless pirates driven by dark desires for blood, loot, and exploitation. The storyline veers unexpectedly as military cadet Alec and his comrades, among the captive prisoners, emerge as formidable adversaries inflicting significant damage on the marauders. Furthermore, this thrilling escapade intensifies and grips readers, keeping them on the edge of their seats as the profound connection between human pirate Alexa and Alec is unfolded, propelling the narrative into an uncharted realm of romance and adventure, breathing fresh intrigue into the plot twist.

Immaculately embedded with an array of solid details, world-building, vivid descriptions, and an unabashedly bold writing style, Author Erik Martin Willen seamlessly weaves together a high-stakes, heart-pounding action sci-fi with erotic, steamy romance.

Destined to capture the imagination, author Erik Martin Willen’s ‘Nastragull: Pirates’ is an immersive, captivating, and absorbing read that is sure to re-energize tropes in the sci-fi genre. Fans of the ‘Star Wars’ series and avid Sci-Fi lovers are sure to appreciate this engrossing thriller and find it worthwhile. This original contribution to the Dark Sci-Fi genre earns a solid five-star rating!