Squeeze Plays

An Engaging Thriller Riddled with Deception

A successful combination of entertainment and a profound exploration of the consequences of dangers that accompany wealth and power ‘Squeeze Plays’ by Jeffrey Marshall delves deep into the high-stakes world of banking, media and international finance, immersing readers in a world where wealthy and most influential individuals find themselves facing immense pressure, greed, manipulation and often exploitation. Author Marshall’s gripping thriller revolves around CEO of a London based Bank- Corbin Van Sloot and his cautious dealings with ‘Star Enterprises’ of Winston Crumm. The plot takes an unexpected turn when Winston Crumm, struggling to save his media company ‘Star Enterprises’ unwillingly falls into a perilous trap leading to a demand for a board seat by a Russian oligarch.

Demonstrating a keen understanding of the subject matter and adding an extra layer of authenticity to the narrative, Author Marshall’s expertise in financial journalism is evident, yet it gracefully complements the intricate plot and well rounded diverse cast of characters, allowing them to shine with their richly developed backgrounds.

Those looking for a suspenseful, entertaining financial thriller, ‘Squeeze Plays’ by Jeffrey Marshall will definitely offer them an exhilarating ride through a reminder that the choices we make in the pursuit of material success can have far reaching ramifications. A definite Top-Notch 5-Star Page-Turner!