Genre Satire

Squeeze Plays

An Engaging Thriller Riddled with Deception A successful combination of entertainment and a profound exploration of the consequences of dangers that accompany wealth and power ‘Squeeze Plays’ by Jeffrey Marshall delves deep into the high-stakes world of banking, media and…

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The Lion Trees

A series that leaves readers wishing for more. Moving along gradually with extraneous subplots and detours, ‘The Lion Trees’ is a well plotted 5 star anthology that captures the essence of experiences and visions well knit with complex characters of…

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The Altar Boy

Honest, believable and relentlessly gripping. A fascinating historical backdrop with an authentic period feel that manages to enliven and enhance a rambunctious era of 1960’s governed by the power of catholic church, ‘The Altar Boy’ is a fictionalized memoir of…

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