The Last Floridian

A thought-provoking environmental read

Driven by a deep sense of responsibility and armed with unwavering determination, ‘The Last Floridian’ by Pete Clements is a powerful narrative that resonates with our contemporary concerns about environmental conservation.

Highlighting the importance of individuals who rise to the occasions when their homeland is under threat, the narrative follows young and determined character- Clayton Ian McIver whose life takes an unexpected turn when his fathers livelihood- once thriving citrus industry of Florida is destroyed by the onset of the greening disease, a plague-like bacterial disaster that transforms the picturesque landscape of Florida into a battle ground for survival, leaving its citizens with no work and uncertain future.

Amidst this chaos Clayton along side his spirited partner Joleen embarks on a remarkable transformation from mere bystanders to courageous heroes, as their state becomes a magnet for the influx of newcomers forcing a disastrous impact on the already withering natural habitat and tainted water.

While the story follows the traditional hero’s journey amidst turmoil and adversaries, Author Pete Clements skillfully weaves a fresh and concerning perspective incorporating real world environmental issues and painting a stark picture of Florida’s plight into a narrative that is both informative and inspiring. In this urgent and compelling exploration of Florida’s pressing dilemma, the narrative unfurls like a call to action. As the spotlight intensifies on Florida, this book prompts readers to reflect on the gravity of the situation and the imperative for decisive action.

With its well-crafted plot, relatable strong characters and a motivating message, ‘The Last Floridian’ by Pete Clements is a compelling read that is sure to captivate and resonate with nature lovers and environmental enthusiasts alike, serving as a reminder that even in the face of seemingly insurmountable challenges, hero’s can emerge from the most unexpected place, driven by a deep love for their land. 5 Stars!