The Devourer

Attention grabbing narrative.

An emotionally and historically rich work, delivered with picturesque imagery and mastery over language and its nuances, ‘The Devourer’ is a paranormal suspense with strong character portrait of an intrepid and modest wife and a frightening villain with his ominous secrets twisted in the times of 19th century (1858) Paris.

Fashion shop owner- Eric Fabron’s wife Mercedes Fabron accidentally lures the attention of a dark evil entity towards herself, while returning from a long over due visit to a friend in the cite’ close to the Palais de Justice. Though accustomed to witnessing ghosts and other spirits (holy or harmless) around herself from the age of nine-Mercedes has a valid reason to fear the new haunting demon after people start falling, soul-sucked out on streets without a cause.

‘The Devourer’ is an engaging story with a layout that is creepy, dramatic and offers readers an insight into the life after death, that is saturated with religious undertones and vivid sense of good and evil. Impressive with her evocative prose, original premise and unfamiliar conclusion, author Chris Chelser’s novel is definitely the sort of book that will resonate with its readers for its rhythmic narration and intricacies behind every plot twist. This attention grabbing narrative in worth recommending. 5 stars!

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