Out For Blood: 18 Authentic True Crime Stories of Murder and Mayhem

Of enduring interest to crime spree savourers.

Agonizing, unsettling and some graphically gruesome collection of true crime narratives, ‘Out For Blood’ is a non fictional account of cold blooded serial killers and their brutality (who killed the innocent ‘just for fun’ or chose their victims randomly).

Using photos of victims and murderers, police procedural and reports, courtroom dramas, letters and statements from murderers and victims family and friends, author Gary C. King writes the best straight forward reporting in journalistic prose with vivid details about 18 authentic original tales of terror and criminal savagery.

Within the complex web of ghastly yet shocking criminal spree ‘Out For Blood’ is the first story revealing a spine chilling, headline grabbing case of a female psychopath- Joanna Dennehy and her ‘under spell’ companion- Gary Stretch who murdered three men one after another near Peterborough, United Kingdom. Readers are bound to be bludgeoned by the horror and tension of the other 17 twisty homicide plots covered by author Gary King in his novel ‘Out For Blood: 18 Authentic True Crime Stories of Murder and Mayhem.’

A novel of enduring interest to those who like exacting details on shocking crime spree and savor rousing reports of police procedural with strong ethical center, this 5 star read is highly recommended to the fans of the genre.

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