The Parking Space

An entertaining combination of romance and humor.

Realistic and deftly paced with an admirably developed concise style and knack for capturing emotions driving difficult times, ‘The Parking Space’ is a light yet emotionally complex romantic novel peppered with humorous undertones and light-hearted ebullience that is infectious.

Fuming with anger at the Black sports car for stealing a parking spot, Beth later discovers that the handsome hunk driving the car she punched and messed with is attending the same party as herself. She considers Jake a selfish shot for his absurd behavior of stealing a parking space of a women despite the disconcerting attraction that intensifies with every run-up into him. She is wary of any relation with Jake due to a painful past and keeps pushing the blooming romance aside.

Author Akayla Furrows intricately plots a character driven romance that fights poignancy through the complex conflicts of fate. Tense conversations and hot sex scenes from the large supportive cast of characters around Beth and Jake drives the story forward unpredictably with several interesting twists that make the ending all the more anticipated and satisfying.

‘The Parking Space’ is a captivating 5 star read with intensity and liveliness that is worth picking by the fans of the genre.

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