The Space Traveller’s Lover

Forbidden Star-Crossed Love Saga

In the midst of vengeance and domination, “The Space Traveller’s Lover” by author Omara Williams unfolds as a forbidden love story that challenges the very essence of human and alien existence.

Erin’s journey begins when she’s adopted by Albert and Patricia Lobart, uprooted from Los Angeles to Tinian in the Mariana Archipelago at the tender age of 11. Her life on the island is a serene blend of introspection and the simple pleasures of island living, with a reserved demeanor setting her apart from the locals. On her 16th birthday, childhood friend Sam Sheppard orchestrates a surprise celebration at Diablo’s Cave, but the event takes an unexpected turn when Erin is abducted by aliens. It’s during this harrowing experience that she discovers her true identity as Shaillah—not born but created by extraterrestrial beings, a Rom-Gheshar.

Omara Williams’ skillful world-building shines through, as she intricately crafts the planets of Rom-Gheshar and Rom Enjie. Rom-Gheshar—a realm of power and glory, is brilliantly depicted through its majestic landscapes and the formidable presence of its inhabitants. The author’s choice of language paints a vivid picture of a vast, beautiful, and indomitable world, steeped in both grandeur and mystery. The novel further captivates with its mesmerizing fusion of terrestrial and extraterrestrial landscapes, woven with themes of love and vengeance. Every detail feels remarkably realistic, effortlessly relatable, and irresistibly absorbing. Williams’ immersive storytelling transports readers to otherworldly realms, leaving them reluctant to part with the novel until they’ve savored every last word.

An enticing invitation to immerse oneself in Erin’s world, “The Space Traveller’s Lover” is an intriguing human-alien saga, offering an enthralling journey with twists that fans of the sci-fi genre will undoubtedly love. Highly recommended for those seeking a compelling and imaginative escape. A perfect 5-star read!