The Altar Boy

Honest, believable and relentlessly gripping.

A fascinating historical backdrop with an authentic period feel that manages to enliven and enhance a rambunctious era of 1960’s governed by the power of catholic church, ‘The Altar Boy’ is a fictionalized memoir of a young compelling character of a boy -Carl Sanders.

Author Phil Stephen capably sketches a proactive well documented and powerful narrative that flips back and forth in time revealing the complexities of Carl Sanders childhood and teenage days as he navigates through some emotionally memorable long gone moments and some flawed, persistent family issues evoked by the appearance of a powerful catholic priest. After 20 years, Carl and his elder brother Mike struggle to deal with the upcoming tension that is sure to torment the family peace and flare up the complicated days.

Thoroughly entertaining and captivating plot with hard to foresee twists, ‘The Altar Boy’ is an engrossing family saga that tackles an ambitious re-imaging of history with intricate details that are honest, believable and relentlessly gripping.

Definitely a-not-to-be-missed historical fiction for those who care for well rounded work with dramatic twists and a charming sense of humor and vulnerability cherished in one setting, author Phil Stephen’s novel ‘The Altar Boy’ is a 5 star read worth recommending.

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