The Lion Trees

A series that leaves readers wishing for more.

Moving along gradually with extraneous subplots and detours, ‘The Lion Trees’ is a well plotted 5 star anthology that captures the essence of experiences and visions well knit with complex characters of John and his family.

With an uproarious wit and breezy conversations, author Owen Thomas skillfully pens down a charming yet unpolished and poignant glimpse of life through the perspective of devious characters of a family- John Hollis- a retired banker, his wife Susan, eldest son David, daughter Tilly and the fifth member of the family- Ben as they navigate through the different phases of life and its complexities.

Unfolding a multilayered parable with everyday events described artistically with great finesse, author Owen Thomas proves himself a worthy successor of ‘The Lion Trees’ series by carrying forward a work of unbridled family saga and twists to the next book- ‘The Lion Trees Part 2.’

With buoyant tone that captures many distillations of life, ‘The Lion Trees part 1: Unraveling’ and ‘The Lion Trees part 2: Awakening’ are glittering tales with thoroughly entertaining plots, sure to resonate with its fans long after the last page has been turned.

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